Rubber Testing Machines

Tensile Testing Machine / Adhesion Test

Gel Time

Shore - A & Shore - D Hardness Tester

Permeability Tester

IRHD Rubber Hardness Tester

Rapid Plastimeter

Stand for Hardness Tester

Rubber Fatigue to Failure Tester

Spark Testing Machine

Resistance of Rubber Test Apparatus

Specific Gravity Balance

Hardness Tester

Resilience Tester

Melt Indexer

Compression Set Apparatus

Ross Flex Tester

Tension Set Apparatus

Scott Flex Tester
Specimen Cutting Press & Cutting Dies Tear Tester

Flex Tester


Abrasion Tester


Thickness Gauges

Washability Tester
Aqueing Ovens Westover Type Friction meter
Bursting Tester Yerzley Type

Coating Thickness Gauges

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