Profile Projector

Profile Projector



Profile Projector (PP-200): It is a compact & economically priced model of Bench Type Profile Projector suitable for all types of measurements and inspections, specially designed for small scale industries & engineering colleges.

Focusing: Through rack & pinion system
Screen: Antiglare hard glass 200mm dia with cross line, 360 degree rotatable.
Nosepiece: Single nose or optionally provided quadrapule ball bearing.
Magnification: 10x, 20x, 50x & 100x
Work Stage: 150x150 mm with X-Y movement of 25x25 mm
Working distance: 30 mm approx. under 10x magnification
Micrometer: Zero adjustment, 25mm graduation with least count 0.005mm
Illumination: Counter illuminator of 12V-100W & 2 surface lamps of 6V/20W.
Optional: Vinyl Cover, duster & fuse 2 nos.

Accessories: Objective 40x, 80x, Halogen Bulb, Digital Micrometers.

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